Dunk Tank Rental FAQ’s

How long does it take to fill a dunk tank?

It usually takes about 1 hour to an 1.5 hours to fill a dunk tank. If you have really great water pressure at your party location it may take less time.

Can Mr. Moonbounce LLC. bring water for the dunk tank?

No, we cannot bring water with us. The tank is 500 gallons, which is a lot of weight!

Is your dunk tank made for kids and adults?

Yes, our dunk tanks are commercial-grade 500 gallon dunk tanks which are great for kids and adults.

Do all your dunk tanks have windows on them?

Yes, there is no purpose to a dunk tank if it does not have a window.

Can we set up the dunk tank inside?

No, we do not set up dunk tanks inside. The water needs to be drained at the end of each event, so we do not want to flood an indoor venue with water.

Can the dunk tank be set up in our backyard?

Yes, as long as you have at least an 8′ side gate AND an 8′ wide side yard to get through. No, we cannot lift the dunk tank over a fence.

Are your dunk tanks in good condition?

Yes, our dunk tanks are stored inside day and night so they are kept looking in great condition. We bought them new and keep them looking that way.

Do I need to provide a hose to fill the dunk tank?

Yes, the customer is responsible for providing a garden hose that is long enough to reach the intended set up area. The customer must provide the hose and water source, no exceptions.



Q: What type of vehicle do I need to transport the dunk tank?

A:    When disassembled, the dunk tank fits nicely in the back of a pick-up, or in a SUV or Minivan with the back seat(s) removed.  It requires a space of approximately 4′ x 4′ x 1′.

Q: What is the weight limit for the dunk tank?

A:    The dunk tank is rated for persons weighing up to 250 lbs.

Q:  Do I need to provide my own throwing balls?

A:  No, The dunk tank comes with a set of four softballs.  However, if you would like to use a NERF football or something similar, it’s up to you.

Q:  What do I need to bring with me when I come to pick up the dunk tank?

A:  You will need to bring a signed copy of the rental agreement , a copy of your driver’s license, and payment of $50 (cash, check, or credit card).

Q:  How long does it take to fill the dunk tank?

A:  Depending on the flow rate of the water source, it usually takes 45 min. to 1-1/2 hours to fill the dunk tank with approx. 300 gal. of water.

Q:    What time does the dunk tank need to be returned?

A:    Unless previous arrangements are made, the dunk tank needs to be returned by 9:00 p.m. of the day it is used.

Q:    Where are you located?

A:    We are located at 1903 N. 1060 W., Pleasant Grove UT  84062 approximately 3/4 mile East of the American Fork Hospital.

Q:    How sensitive is the target?  Can a child trigger it?

A:    The target is quite sensitive when hit on the upper half.  Check out this 8-sec video clip to see it in action.

Q:    What types of payment do you accept?

A:    We accept cash, checks (payable to Dennis or Anne Vincent), Paypal, or major credit cards.

Q:     Why are you so much cheaper than other places?

A:     This is our personal family dunk tank that we rent out when we are not using it.  We got the dunk tank with the intention of letting our kids learn to run a small home-based business and earn some money for college.

Q: How long does it take to fill a dunk tank?

A: It usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour and a half to fill a dunk tank. If you have really great water pressure at your party location it may take less time. 45 minutes is about average.

Q: Can AZ Bounce Pro bring water for the dunk tank?

A: No, we cannot bring water with us. The tank is 350 gallons, which is a lot of weight!

Q: Is your dunk tank made for kids and adults?

A: Yes, our dunk tanks are commercial-grade 350 gallon dunk tanks which are great for kids and adults.

Q: Do your dunk tanks all have windows on them?

A: Yes, there is no purpose to a dunk tank if it does not have a window.

Q: Can we set up the dunk tank inside?

A: No, we do not set up dunk tanks inside. The water needs to be drained at the end of each event, so we do not want to flood an indoor area with the water.

Q: Can we do the dunk tank in our backyard?

A: Yes, as long as you have at least an 8′ side gate AND an 8′ wide side yard to get through. No, we cannot lift the dunk tank over a fence.

Q: Are your dunk tanks in good condition?

A: Yes, our dunk tanks are stored inside day and night so they are kept looking in great condition. We bought them new and keep them looking that way.

Q: Do I need to provide a hose to fill the dunk tank?

A: We provide one 100′ garden hose. The customer must provide the rest of the hose, no exceptions.




Q.  How much is a dunk tank rental?

A dunk tank rents for $100 a day (24 hr period of time).

Q.  How much is a sno cone, cotton candy, or popcorn rental?

The machines rent for $35 a day (24 hr period of time) and the supplies for the machine run approximately $10 per hundred servings.

Q.  Is set up and delivery included?

Delivery is an additional cost that is based on the location of the rental.

Q.  How long does it take to fill the dunk tank with water?

It takes approximately 30 minutes to fill a dunk tank.

Q.  What is the weight and age limits of a person that can use the tank?

For the large dunk tank the age starts from approximately 8 years old.  The maximum weight on a large dunk tank is 250 lbs.  On the small tank the ages are from 3-7 years old.  The maximum weight is 100 lbs.

Q.  What are the dimensions of the dunk tank?

The large tank is 4×4 square and is approximately 4 feet deep.  The small tank is 3×3 square and is approximately 3 feet deep.

Q.  What do you provide with the dunk tank?

We provide everything except the hose and source of water.

Q.  When and how do we pay?

We accept payment on delivery and prefer cash.

Q.  If we pick up the dunk tank, what type of vehicle do we need?

Preferably any size truck, however, minivans and SUV’s are fine too.

Q.  What is the dunk tanks constructed out of?

Our tanks are constructed out of rugged welded steel.

Q.  Is the dunk tank hard to set up?

It is very simple.  We provide you with a step instruction sheet and it takes approximately 5 minutes to set up.

Q.  Is it safe?

We have been in business for over 35 years and have not had any injuries. 


1) Rental Fees?

Rental fees are a set price per day, you just let us know how long you need it. 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours or all day the choice is yours. If you need it less or more just let us know. We can even rent them out for a day or two.

2) How much is delivery?

Generally delivery is free to most part of Chicago, suburbs and part of Indiana. There is a small fee when we have to travel a farther distance. We keep it reasonable so call or write us to let us know how far you are and if there will be any charges. You might be surprised that its not really that much of a difference.

3) Do you have insurance?

Yes we do have insurance and we will provide a copy to you.

4) Is their any cleaning cost?

Generally we do not charge any cleaning cost. But if the unit is unreasonably dirty, with dirt (mud), ice cream, cake, grass, water or any sticky stuff than we will have to charge you $50.00 for cleaning.

5) When should I call to reserve my unit?

We recommend as soon as possible to guarantee a unit. We anticipate on getting busy during the warm weather. So as soon as you know your party date, and want a Moon Bouncer dial (773) 416-2881.

6)Why are your rental prices so cheap?

Good question. Here are motto: “The circle of business”. You love our products and services so much that you refer us to your friends and family which keeps our business growing, and in turn we provide affordable prices to you as our Thank You.

7) What if I need to cancel?

Although we don’t want you to cancel, we understand that situations arise that cause for cancellation. If we receive notice in advance, at least 5 days, your deposit we be refunded in full.

If you cancel on the day of the event and the unit is not in route you will be charged a small fee of $25.00.  *Unit does not leave until 2 hours before the event. So call at least 2 hours before your scheduled event.

If the unit is on its way for delivery your full deposit of $50.00 is forfeited.

If your unit is set up and you decided to cancel full payment is due

8) How about cancellation due to weather? It started to rain, or it became really windy out?

We agree that you should not be at fault because of the weather. But please remember for the safety of your guest AB Jumps Corp. will not set up when winds are 20 mph, heavy rain fall, snow or below 40 degrees. We will call and give you the option of canceling. You will not be charged for weather conditions.

If you decided that you still want your unit delivered and weather conditions do not improve, you will be charged the full amount.

If the unit is set up and it begins to rain or winds more than 20 mph during your party please follow the safety rules and call us immediately.

9) How much space needed to set up?

Recommended space need to set up the unit is a flat leveled surface of 20′ x 20′ smaller units can be set up in a flat level surface space of 17′ x 17′.  We normally like to set up on grass it is much safer for children but we can set up on concrete, asphalt or dirt. Unless we are setting up indoors.

10) Can I save money by setting up and taking down the unit?

We do not charge any extra for this service it is absolutely FREE. Beside you have to many other things to worry about, “Like which unit would you like to rent for your next party”.

11) What if I have problems with the unit?

You will be given safety instructions at the time of delivery. If you still have problems call us immediately. Please feel free to read our safety page.

12) Do I need to hire a attendant?

We do require that you have an attendant supervising the children at all times. This could be yourself, another adult party guest or even your regular babysitter. But if you do need this service please let us know we do have attendant available @ $20.00 hr.

13) We accidentally damaged the unit?

Accident happen, this is understandable. We will send out the unit for repairs and you will be responsible for those cost. As long as the rules are being follow then you have no need to worry.

14) Do I need a permit or a licenses?

Permit or licenses are not required for private property. They are needed if we are setting up in a park or other public location. Please contact the venue to check for requirement that will be needed.

15) How much water does the dunk tank use?

The tank can hold up to 500 gallon, the fill up time run about 2 to 3 hours.

16) What is the extra charge for the Dunk Tank rental?

We will charge an additional $50.00 that will be refunded at the time of pick up if the dunk tank is empty. If the dunk tank is not empty at the time of pick up than the customer will forfeit the refundable credit of $50.00.


Can I put the dunk tank in my backyard or fenced in area? How much room is needed to set up and operate your dunk tank?

Yes, if you have AT LEAST a 6’ wide gate and or path for us to wheel the dunk tank through. Our dunk tanks do NOT come apart and cannot be lifted over fences or objects. It comes as one solid trailer and must have the required space to travel thru to the set up area. Once the dunk tank is set up the minimum required space to operate is 15’ wide, 15 feet long and 10 feet tall. More space long will be needed for players wanting more room to throw the balls.
How long does the dunk tank take to fill up and how much water does it hold?
Our dunk tanks will take approx 30 minutes to 1 hour to fill up depending on your water pressure. The renter must supply a water hose and consistent water source to fill up the dunk tank and monitor the water level during use. Refilling of the tank is necessary during use due to water splashing out of the tank as people get dunked. Our dunk tanks hold approx. 350 gallons of water.
Is the Dunk Tank delivered full of water? Can I have water delivered if needed?
No. Our dunk tanks are priced, delivered and transported empty. We do not supply or bring water for our dunk tanks. The renter must provide a working water faucet, clean running water and a hose to reach the dunk tank.
Yes, If you need water delivered for events in areas without running water available we will refer you directly to a local water delivey company. They can fill our dunk tanks with water in about 5 minutes using a 4″ fire hose and high pressure pump. You can arrange the details directly with the water delivey company.
What if we don’t have a water hose? Do you rent them?
Yes, We rent commercial grade water hoses for $4.99 per 50 feet. Maximum water hose rental is 1,000 feet on flat level ground. This price includes hooking up and removing the hose(s). We do not allow our water hoses to be driven over for example (crossing a street or parking lot) You must order the necessary hose(s) when reserving the dunk tank so please make sure to compensate for bends and turns in the water hose(s) when measuring distance (example: going around a walkway, doorway or flower bed will use up several feet of hose)
Can I pick up the dunk tank and set it up myself?
No. Our insurance company requires that we transport, set up, review proper placement, and remove our dunk tanks. We are professional dunk tank installers so leave all the work to us and enjoy your party.
What surfaces can the dunk tank be set up on?
Our Dunk Tanks can be set up on most surfaces like concrete, asphalt or grass. Our dunk tanks cannot be set up on dirt, rocks or a rough uneven surface. Using our dunk tanks on grass will make the water in the tank dirty over time from people getting in and out of the tank with dirty feet.
Is adult supervision recommended or required? If we need staff can you provide it?
Yes, adult supervision is REQUIRED the entire time the dunk tank is in use or has water in it. Never leave a dunk tank unsupervised for any reason. If you decide to stop using the dunk tank before we arrive to pick it up make sure the water is completely drained empty and the dunk tank balls and ladder are securely blocked.
Yes, we can provide staff to operate and supervise your dunk tank party at a rate of $21.25 per hour. Our staff is not available to be inside the dunk tank being dunked. Our staff will monitor and supervise your dunk tank the entire time. Staff time starts 30 minuets prior to party start time and ends 15 – 30 minuets after party end time. Please call for details on staffing as many things are factored in staff pricing.
I see you offer different size dunk tank targets, what size target should I get?
Different size dunk tank targets are an Arizona Bounce Around exclusive. After years of renting dunk tanks we decided to make your event better with more choices. We offer 5”, 6” and 8” targets. If your event is for adults only and you want to make it hard to hit, get the smaller 5” target. If you are having a family event or party with all types of ages and skill levels get the 6” standard target. If you are renting the dunk tank for little kids party or ordering the dunk tank for a dunk the boss (that you really don’t like) party get the big 8” target.
Where does the water go after the event is over? Do you take the water with you?
Our dunk tanks have an easy to open 2” valve located at the base of the dunk tank that will drain the water out onto the ground. There is no hose connection or any other way to remove or divert the water from just running out at the set up area. We must completely drain all of the water at the set up area before moving or transporting the dunk tank away. There is no option for removing our dunk tanks full of water.
What is the maximum weight and minimum height requirements for participants being dunked in your dunk tanks?
The maximum weight for participants being dunked is 250 pounds; minimum height is 5 feet tall. There are no restrictions for people or players throwing the balls.
When it’s cold out, can we fill your dunk tanks with hot water?
Yes, but our dunk tanks hold 350 gallons of water so check your hot water heaters capacity. Most hot water heaters only hold around 10-50 gallons of hot water. If you have a tankless hot water heater this may be the only option but again check the rated capacity before renting our dunk tanks to prevent disappointment. You can also rent an outdoor propane patio heater from us to keep you warm while your waiting to be dunked. The patio heater will need to be put on a table for the right height to warm the person inside the tank. Patio heaters will not warm the water.
Can your dunk tanks be delivered and used at a city or private park?
Yes and No, We can deliver dunk tanks to many private parks but you have to check with the person or office that oversees or manages that park. Private parks should have a sign with contact information or contact the home owners association or development group for details. Most city parks do not allow water related items of any kind to be used in city parks. In any case you will need to make sure clean running water is available close by and make written arrangements with the park prior to delivery for water service. You will also need to check the sprinkler schedule and insurance requirements. Get all approvals in writing as most park offices are closed on the weekends and you may have to deal with a park ranger or officer after hours.
Do you’re dunk tanks come with printed operating instructions and safety information on the dunk tank?
Yes, when you rent a dunk tank from Arizona Bounce Around you will be provided with written safety instructions at time of reservation. The safety rules are also printed directly on the blue plastic tank near the entrance. Most safety rules pertain to the person being dunked or sitting on the seat.
What are some of the safety features your dunk tanks have?
Our dunk tanks feature easy to climb steps with non slip rubber grips, easy latch, release and resetting seat, full aluminum shark type safety cage, a step made into the tank to assist in getting out of the water after being dunked, a clear window to see the person being dunked, 3 – safety softballs, big safety backdrop to catch missed balls, different size targets for different skill levels, no jam or stick trigger, backdrop is properly installed and anchored to prevent movement during use even on windy days.
I am having a big party and need 2 or 3 dunk tanks but want them to match, can you provide this?
Yes, we currently have 3 dunk tanks that all match and can deliver them to the same location or multiple locations for example: multiple company fundraising events or televised events wanting nice dunk tanks that all match.
I see other companies also rent dunk tanks, what’s the difference?
Not all dunk tanks are made, look or function the same. We only rent the best dunk tanks available complete with all the safety features and simple ease of use for the renters. Some dunk tanks called “portable dunk tanks” mean they come apart for transportation in a minivan, use a vinyl liner as a water tank and are put together at the set up location. These are really cheap dunk tanks. Other dunk tank manufactures may use vise grips as a seat latch for example. There are many different types of dunk tanks some even home made. Some with windows, some without, bigger tanks, smaller tanks, deeper tanks, etc. The sky is the limit with dunk tank creations but you can always trust Arizona Bounce Around to provide you with the most professional, most reliable dunk tanks available. We’ve been renting high quality dunk tanks since 2002 and the photos on our website will be the dunk tank we deliver. No clip art here.